Terms & Conditions

All on-line payments made towards availing Services shall be taken into consideration only when the relevant amount is received and credited in the Truckways bank account.

The User booking for the Service shall pay all amounts as agreed.

20% - 30% cash of the total cost of delivery agreed upon will be made available to driver as part payment, before trucks set out for the journey and the balance remitted to Truckways bank account. Or on arrival at appointed destination the balance is credited to Truckways bank account. This may not always be the case with every driver/vehicle owner.

Truckways is entitled to retain any consignments that are booked till all payments due are recovered.

The user agrees and accepts that the use of the services provided by truckways is at its sole risk, and further acknowledges that truckways disclaims all representations and warranties of any kind, whether express or implied.

In case of cancellation of the booking after making on-line payment, refund of the amount shall be paid within 48 hours after the said amount is received and credited in truckways bank account. A 5% charge of the total amount charged will be levied on such cancellations as per Company Policy.

In case of any payment transaction undertaken by the user or any third party using the account of the user, which later on is found to be a fraudulent one, Company will not be responsible for any such transaction and all the legal liability including all costs and expenses of such transaction will be that of the user whose account are used for such transaction and will be recovered by truckways or the payment collection agency as the case may be. In order to avoid such circumstances users are advised to ensure that their profiles are not misused by any third party at any point of time.

For every successful delivery, truckways shall be entitled to 10% fee of the total cost of haulage.

Payments are not made directly to drivers or truck owners.

For any refund amount of cancellation please contact us in our Customer care (+234-909-884-573-6)

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